My blog is focused on stories. Helping people write the story of their life, dictate the stories they want to tell about themselves, and shape their worldview from the stories of their experiences.

We are stories. We tell ourselves stories. We tell others stories. We like to get caught up in a good story. We want to have others tell us a story they heard. Our lives are a combination of stories.

So what story do you want to tell? Two people can be presented with the same scenario and tell completely different stories. We each have slightly different view points on a situation. We interpret information differently based on our past stories. If I want to change how someone acts, I must challenge the stories they tell themselves.


Stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Stories we tell others about ourself.

Stories others tell us.

Stories we want others to tell about us.

Stories others tell us about others.

The story we want told after we are gone.





There are a few special people that have coauthored chapters of my life. Some did so intentionally, while other may not even know my name.