Absent Hope

Some things do not have a price, but they are worth everything. You cannot buy them in a store if you run out. People may try to give it to you, but it is your choice if you will accept it.


Without hope, you feel like you are on rock bottom and life turns into a chore to get through instead of an adventure to be lived. Each morning when you wake up, you long for the end of the day so that you can escape into the world of sleep to get away from the hopelessness that surrounds you.

Not only does the removal of hope leave you feeling helpless, it changes your entire outlook on life. Your worldview is drastically altered. Each person seems to be against you when hope is not present in your life.

Hope and the lack of hope has been a constant topic in my mind throughout this past week. This week, the country of Haiti has become front page news again. This time it is not a natural disaster, but rather an outbreak of cholera that continues to sweep across the country infecting more people each day.

A recent news story from this outbreak hit close to home with me. A member of this group that was attacked is a family member of my best friend.

I found myself trying to see this story from both sides. Having spent a month in Haiti earlier this year helping in the relief effort, I know what it is like to try to give aid to Haitians in need, but I also know what many of my Haitian friends have told me about the thought process of their fellow countrymen.

For the most part, Haitians do not feel like they have anything to lose. This is why they are willing to attack people who are trying to help them. They will take any chance they can to try to improve their current situation. They want hope for a better life.

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK