Bucket List: Cuba

Crossed another item off my bucket list!

Just before Thanksgiving, I spent a week in Cuba exploring a country that until a few months ago seemed off-limits to me due to governmental challenges and restrictions. I am almost halfway to visiting 100 countries before age 30. I'll get there.

In a sense, it is a dream come true. Cuba has been a destination I wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. Part of it is the nostalgia surrounding the country, while part is the fact that so few people can get in to the country.

Every trip I take has a specific goal. Some trips focus on work, others are simply personal enjoyment. This one was a mix of mission work, tourism, and attempting to understand Cuban culture. I wanted to converse with Cubans and discover how their mindset and worldview have been effected by a dictatorship government. Do you have ambitions to fight the system, or is subservient nature expected? What about entrepreneurship? Does it exist when so many barriers are in place?

These questions will serve as the framework for blog posts over the next week. Hopefully you will be able to better understand the mindset of the people who live just 90 miles from Key West yet lack many of the freedoms we enjoy daily.