Butterfly Effect

Where would you be if you made one decision differently?

The Butterfly Effect.

Life is a series of decisions and experiences. Some of these we control directly, and some may seem completely random. While events can seem to have no logical connection on the surface, every decision you make it your life has an impact to some degree.

At this very moment, I am sitting in a coffee shop in Oklahoma City even though I do not like coffee in the least. Lets trace back how I got here by starting at the beginning, relatively.

Almost one year ago exactly, I left Searcy, Arkansas for Atlanta which I thought would be a very temporary home as I was bound for Haiti within a few days. Days turned into weeks, but eventually I was on the plane to Haiti. Side note, I started this site during my down time in Atlanta.

In Haiti, I heard about an opportunity to learn Spanish in Guatemala. Since I have yet to find an adventure that I will turn down, I researched it more and booked my 10 week trip quickly after returning to the US from Haiti.

After a short stint in Arkansas to finish up my degree, I left for the Philippines with my siblings. While over there, I explored many areas of the country and became vaguely familiar with the culture and people. A few day trips and stopovers in Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan later, I returned to the states for 36 hours before leaving for Central America.

While I was in Guatemala, my sister who decided to study at Oklahoma Christian University, told me about an organization that fit my personality. It was called Give a Goat and worked in the Philippines.

When I returned to the states, I started looking for some stability. I needed a place to at least call home and return to between international adventures. After finding closed doors in Dallas and Nashville, I ventured to Oklahoma City to surprise my sister for her birthday. She was surprised, and the next day I met with a friend who took me to meet the Give a Goat people.

We met for all of 30 seconds, which was just enough time to swap cards and put a name with a face. I got back on the road for an unexpected interview in Dallas which turned into a job offer. Hours later as I was meeting with another friend, I got an email back from Give a Goat offering me a position to help be a part of an amazing organization that is changing the lives of people in the Philippines.

I accepted the offer and moved to Oklahoma City. My office is only a few feet away from this shop. Often I will come here when I need a change of scenery.

There are many twists and turns that could have taken me to a different locations literally throughout the world, but I ended up here. What if I had decided not to drive to visit my sister?

You see, I never would have come to Oklahoma City in the first place if my sister had not decided to come to school here at the last minute. Also, I never would have been introduced to Give a Goat in the first place if I had not spent time in the Philippines beforehand.

Regardless of what could have happened, it didn't. This is where I am now, and I love every minute of it.

The rest is history.

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK