Flying Next to Mt. Arayat

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As the pilot and I went through the checklist of items before takeoff, my heart began to race and adrenaline started to pump. We were seconds away from flying roughly 1,000 feet off the ground in an ultralight aircraft. No, it is not the fastest plane in the air, but it gives you the feeling of riding a motorcycle while being seated in the sky.

I chose the open air style of aircraft. Not only does the wind rush through your hair, but your view is not impeded by metal bars or plastic screens. It gives you the opportunity to look straight down and see the ground. Their is not a floor, nor an armrest next to you. It is just you and the wind traveling between 40 and 75 mph in midair.

For half of the flight, I was in full control of the plane. It was easier than I expected. All you need to do move the joystick slowly, slightly adjust the pedals, and keep your eyes on the horizon to enjoy the view of beautiful Mt. Arayat.

For many years, this had been an adventure I wanted to pursue, but the timing did not work out until this trip to the Philippines. The experience was so amazing, that I am seriously considering getting my license to fly on my own. It only takes 30 hours to get full certification, and the price is extremely minimal. I would highly recommend going to Angeles Flying Club if you are in the area.

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK