Hang Off a Building

If you get the chance, go hang off a building. I don't mean that in a death wish type of tone, but rather as an encouragement for you to experience the thrill of standing on the edge of a perfectly secure building and then telling your body to lean over the edge.

At Sky Adventure in Cebu, Philippines, they give you the opportunity to do just that. You can put on a harness and attach a cord to the middle of your back which gives you full range of motion to get as close to the edge as you want, or play it safe and keep your hand on the building . The choice is yours.

If you go up a floor, another thrill seeking adventure is awaiting you. This time it is in the form of an extreme ride called the "Edge Coaster". Instead of a harness, you are secured by a lap bar in a circular enclosure. One thing that is unique to this attraction is the ability for the user to control the tilt of the coaster. While the man working it said that it would only tilt to 45 degrees,  I found a trick that allowed for a great thrill.

If you time it just right, you can "bounce" the coaster as you are rounding the corners of the building to give an extra shot of adrenaline and a few extra degrees of tilt. I do not think they encourage this type of action due to safety reasons, but it isn't everyday that I get this opportunity so I took full advantage of it.

Like I said before, go hang off a building. It is an adrenaline rush and adventure that you must experience.

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK