International Goat Negotiations

I always knew international business was something I wanted to do, but I did not know it would happen this soon.

As I write this post, I am in the airport in Manila, Philippines. Over the past two days, I have met with presidents and vice presidents of three organizations negotiating contracts and legal agreements for Give a Goat. It is an amazing experience.

These are things you cannot learn from a textbook. It requires hands on experience and breaking out of your comfort zone. It requires me to trust people I have only communicated with via email. I show up at their office, get in the van with them, and drive for hours to unknown locations to see projects they are working on. I love it.

I am learning how to work and get things done in another culture. Managing people is different. Hiring people is different. Getting work done is different. Every aspect of business is different. But dealing with people is the same regardless of the culture. They all want to improve their life and leave a better world for their families. The key is translating that want into practical action.

The first reaction I received from every person I met was shock. They all expected to meet with someone older. They are caught off guard to meet a 23-year-old. I love the shock factor. I think it plays to my advantage.

This is only the start of the trip. There are many locations to see and people to meet before I fly back. All of my work is in the name of giving goats to help break the cycle of poverty. You can learn more about the work I am doing here.

 Who would have thought goats could need this much work?

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK