Leaving Antigua

After two months of calling Antigua, Guatemala home, my time here as come to an end. Tomorrow morning I leave at 4 am for La Ceiba, Honduras where I will be living for the next week. It is bitter-sweet. On one hand I am ready for a change of scenery, while on the other I would not mind living here permanently.

I have lots of friends that call Antigua home. Most of them are Guatemalans, but the great thing about Antigua is that people from all over the world decide to live in this magnificent city. It truly is a melting pot of cultures, both Latino and Western. As well as a unique place that cannot be duplicated in another place simply because of the vast amounts of history that have taken place here.

Over these past seven weeks, I have spent almost 300 hours with one friend specifically, Oscar. He is much more than my teacher, he is a close friend who I can honestly say that I will keep in touch with over the years. It is amazing how similar we are even though we grew up in completely different cultures. He has taught me Spanish quicker than any other person. In exchange, I have helped him grasp understanding of certain English phrases that have confused him for years. For example, now he knows what it means "to be a creeper" among other things.

While living in Antigua, I took classes for 6 hours a day. After my classes ended each day, I would typically head to the markets to practice my Spanish while bartering for goods. In addition to being a great way to practice Spanish, I met some wonderful people who took time out of attempting to sell goods to help me practice Spanish. Over time I formed great relationships with Gloria, Abner, Freddy, Carlos, and many others.

There are some many amazing people in Antigua with great stories to tell. I want to return soon so that I can once again see my friends as well as continue my lessons in Spanish. Goodbye Antigua, I will miss you.

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK