Philippine Wedding

Jonre is a seaman and works 8 month shifts mostly in the Caribbean on oil delivery ships. It is a great paying job that allowed him to provide a large house and comfortable living for his family. He is very thankful for this job even though it takes him away from his family for long periods of time.

Leny worked as a secretary but recently resigned to become a full-time wife.

Jonre's mother was an interesting woman. She would grab my hand and lead me throughout the house to meet relatives and neighbors who helped prepare for the wedding. Sort of like a human show and tell. She might be 5 foot tall on a good day. Her English was very limited, but that did not discourage her from trying.

When she got excited, her limited English and uncontrollable enthusiasm created a lively atmosphere for all to enjoy. She would jump up and down a little while grabbing my arm. For an older woman, she had a lot of energy.

The wedding was a delightful experience. I'm glad they let me take part even though I was vastly under dressed.

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK