I sat on the rocky edge of a cliff in Sounion, Greece. Behind me was the Temple of Sounion built by the ancient Greeks. On the surrounding rocks were close friends studying at Harding University's campus in Athens with me. As the sun slowly set over the horizon, we sang songs of worship intermixed with moments of peaceful silence. It was the ideal environment.

This was the epitome of my perfect sunset. It was unique. It had all the necessary pieces to make a beautiful memory.

Sunsets are unique because of the place. Some are the perfect addition to an already stunning surrounding. Mountains or beaches automatically make a sunset more beautiful. The blending of multiple natural objects (ie. mountains and sunsets) show the glorious beauty God created.

The people around you make a sunset memorable. Watching the sun set while holding your girlfriend creates a memory that few can top.

In the same way, the lack of people can have the same effect. Sometimes you just need that alone time to reflect and get your mind in order. Sunsets give the ideal environment for me to relax and concentrate. Reflecting, focusing, and planning for the future are all best done as the sun sets over the horizon.

Other times, it is simply your emotional state that can make a sunset memorable. We have all experienced those "that is just what I needed" moments.

Here is the question. Why are sunsets so powerful?

Sunsets cause you to pause.

They make you stop what you are doing and live in the moment.

Sunsets are here for a little while. Then they are gone forever.

Each sunset is unique. It will never be duplicated exactly the same way again. The clouds will never form that exact formation again at the exact time the sun pierces through. The mixture of the colors, clouds, and atmosphere will never be the same as they are in that moment. While each is unique, they all have one overarching thing in common.

It was the same sun every time.

Each moment you experience will only happen once. It is there for a moment, then it disappears forever. You can keep it as a memory, but you cannot change anything about it.

Just like every sunset is illustrated by the same sun, each action you do has the same central piece.



Are you pausing to take in the sunset moments of life?

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK