The Wedding that Killed Old McDonald's Farm

It happened again. I attended a personal event for people I did not know. This time it was a wedding, not a funeral.

Elmer and I arrived in Ormoc on Friday afternoon. He had been asked a few months ago by Jonre and Leny to do the ceremony for their wedding. Since I was going to be in the area and needed time to talk with Elmer, he asked me to come along for the journey. The couple agreed that they wanted me to come, so I agreed to join.

Jonre's mother had a meal waiting for us when we arrived at the house. Even though it was delicious, it was not the meal that I was interested in eating. I wanted to know more about the next meal that was tied up near the front door.

It looked like Old McDonald had hand delivered his stock of pigs and cows to their house. These animals were either security guards for the house, or waiting in the queue for butchering. Giant machetes and butchering blocks on tables a few feet away answered that question.

As the afternoon progressed, members of the community slowly gathered in the yard. Each wielding knives, cooking pots, or other food related items.

One by one, all eight pigs and three cows were butchered to serve as the meal after the wedding. I filmed the first pig being slaughtered and took lots of photos. It is not every day that you witness a moment like this. It was better than TV. They had my attention for the rest of the night and in to the next morning. The killing, butchering, roasting, and cooking did not stop for 15 hours.

They entire community pulled together to fix this feast in honor of the bride and groom. They worked through the night to make sure everything would be ready for their special day.

On Saturday morning, about 500 members of the community joined together to eat the meal and celebrate the new marriage. I felt privileged to join them in this special occasion.

I filled up a 4 GB SD card of video from the butchering and cooking. Most of which is too graphic to post on here, so I will do the logical thing and post it on YouTube.

Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK