Feeding a Tiger

Today I found out that all zoo's are not created equal. In a matter of hours, I bottle fed a full-grown tiger, got bit in the arm by an ostrich, watched a monkey ride a miniature horse, "fished" for crocodiles, and sat inches away from a tiger eating a full chicken.

The place is called Zoobic, and it is located in Subic, Philippines. I had heard before coming to the Philippines about what all you could do here, but it just isn't the same unless you have actually had a tiger devour a chicken inches from your face.

I can honestly say that all other zoos will seem weak after visiting this one. It is impossible to top the interaction that we were able to get with every type of animal you can imagine. If there is another place like this in the world, then I would be shocked. You must come here and experience this for yourself.

Here are some videos from this great experience. Marked one more item off of my bucket list.






Bryan Clifton

Oklahoma City, OK