My story has an unusual beginning. I grew up working mall kiosks and trade shows with my dad. This taught me how to market products and the basics of running a business. I translated that experience into a series of micro businesses in elementary school and larger businesses as I got older. I grew up thinking this was a normal childhood.

Today, I am a Business Artist. I turn ideas into reality.

I am Founder/CEO of Myriad Insight and Family Legacy Co.

What I discovered in working with hundreds of leaders across the globe is the way you see the world and your role in it is directly related to how you were raised and what you define as normal. I define this as the culture of your life. We each live in a culture we help create, and today is another opportunity to write a page in your story.

Culture shapes our perceptions and goals. Differences in geographical location, city size, religious belief, and other areas shape how we view the world around us. The culture of your life played a part in how you got here, and once you understand how to intentionally create culture in your life, you can chart a new path and live with intentional action. This blog exists to help you be the best version of you.

I live in Oklahoma City, but I will always be a die-hard Texan.