Where is Your Central Park?


I live in Oklahoma City and visit Central Park everyday. No, I don't hop on a plane and take a quick trip to NYC and back. That would be expensive and tiresome. My Central Park is across the street from my office. I can see it from my window. It is a 50 story corporate office building with a park, open air design, and limited cell service. That is where I escape to recharge my mind.

 In Jon Acuff's book Start (which I highly recommend.), he talks about the idea of creating your "Central Park". This symbolizes relaxation and a step back into a less stressful moment of your life. It is the place you go to recharge. It allows you calm down and get a bearing on your day, week, and life.

Your "Central Park" might be a couch in a seldom used room in your house. It might be a public place. It could be the kitchen if you are a cooking fanatic. Wherever it is, you need to find it and make a regular habit of visiting it.

Central Park in New York City is some of the most valuable real estate in the entire world. Billions of dollars could be made by selling it and building large buildings. However, taking away this piece of common ground that everyone can use as a place to escape the concrete jungle would have far reaching effects in the mental stability of a city. Central Park in its current form is the most valuable piece of property in the entire city.

Your life needs a similar place. I encourage you to spend a few minutes each day preparing and energizing yourself to be more effective throughout the rest of your day.