I Want an ATM Like This!

An ATM is normal. The transaction is expected. You put in your card and get cash.

What if you had the chance to create a new experience for people? One they would never forget. One they would tell others about for years to come.

Here it is.

Create moments that change the story people tell themselves. Before this moment, a bank was a bank. They were all fairly similar. Now, every one of the people in this video are customers for life. They will tell everyone else about the ATM that changed their day, week, or year.

Yes it cost money to make this happen. It also costs money to market or advertise your business. If you are going to spend the money anyway, why not find ways to deeply impact those you care about?

Rethink what you expect. Each moment is an opportunity to build a closer connection to or distance yourself from someone. Make each moment count.