Scarcity Thinking

There is a disease sweeping across our country. This disease is robbing people of ambition and replacing it with blame.

The disease is scarcity thinking.

Scarcity thinking is the thought that if I succeed, then someone else must fail. If I make money, then someone else must lose it.

This way of thinking could not be further from the truth.

The media at large loves to tell us that the pie is only so big. I'm sorry, but that is false. The size can and will grow when people put in the hard work necessary to create a new market or start a business. When demand is created for a product or service that didn't exist before, opportunities are created.

Attitude is more important than the facts on this issue. It is a glass half full moment. Look for the bright spots. Turn off the TV. Go out and make something happen. What I have discovered is when you are busy doing, you do not have time to listen to the people saying it can't be done.

The pie is not a set size. It is increased without people losing their share. It takes hard work and determination. Let's make it happen.