Where Vision Comes From

A strategy cannot be seen or touched. 

It is not tangible.

It is an idea.

It is a concept.

A concept is great, but a concept without work leads to nothing. 

Work is the key ingredient.

The plan in your head is useless unless you are willing to do the work.

Lots of people have strategies. Developing a strategy is easy. Doing the work is difficult.

A strategy is at best a plan. It is an idea of how you will act if everything stays the same.

When a strategy meets action, that is when progress happens.

Your strategy in your head can make an impact, but strategy communicated to a team creates opportunity.

When a strategy expands beyond your brain to others, it becomes a shared perspective.

Until this point, strategy is not effective. When it becomes a shared perspective, it moves from a strategy to a vision.

Others must buy in to your idea.

Do not create strategies. Build a vision and do the work to make it a reality.