May 2015 Bookshelf

Here are the books I read in May and my personal viewpoints on who would benefit from reading them. To see previous lists, click here.

By Robert Greene

Conceptually and theoretically, I disagree with almost everything the book presents. It presents power as something to be used against people. This viewpoint is one I do not share, but I realize many people in the world and throughout history have led from this vantage point. With that said, the book is still really good. The writing style was engaging and the content is probably accurate for a lot of people in how they view the world. I’ve already recommended it to others.

By David Graeber

Started it and only made it a few chapters in. I was not impressed. If the content was accurate to the description, it would have been a great book. However, it was a bad history lesson rather than an informative narrative.

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