Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey because the future you envision may never come.
— Tony Dungy

What if you never reach the finish line?

What if all your hard work is in vain?

What if all your time and effort lead to a dead end?

When the path you are on does not lead you to the destination you thought, the only thing you are left with is the journey.

Think about The Wizard of Oz, The Lion King, The Lord of the Rings, and many other stories we love. The story is the journey. Without the journey, the book or movie would not exist. 80% of the story is about the journey and the hardships they overcome. Only the last few minutes of the film focus on the goal, and usually the destination is not what they thought. They are let down by the goal they were pursuing all along.

What stories like these teach us is the growth happens along the journey.

In our lives, it is easy to forget about the journey. We fixate on the goal. We spend all our time and energy focused on achieving the goal that we can miss out on the journey along the way.

10 years from now, it will not matter if your football team won the championship. What will matter is the lessons of determination and teamwork you learned as part of the journey. It was the practices, bus rides, and heartbreaking defeats that shaped the journey. Without the journey you would not be the person you are today.

 Don't forget about the importance of the journey.

The goal is important, but the journey is the opportunity to discover yourself and grow.