Opportunity is Sneaky

Opportunity is sneaky.

It is impossible to predict. 

You never know when it will reveal itself.

What you do know is when opportunity presents itself, you must be prepared to seize it. You must act quickly. Opportunity can leave as quickly as it arises.

Preparation gives you the ability to act on opportunity.

Few people like preparation. It is not glamorous. It is hard work.

There are no guarantees that the hours of preparation will lead to opportunity.

However, satisfaction comes from the journey not the destination.

Satisfaction is built in the hours of struggle perfecting your craft.

It is during these times of physical and emotional pain that the ability to become satisfied by pursuing the journey is made possible.

You cannot control when opportunity arises, but you can control if you will be ready when it does come.

Your actions today are preparing you for a future opportunity.

Are you putting in the focused effort today to be prepared when an opportunity comes knocking?

Are you investing in relationships today that could turn into the funnels through which opportunity finds you?