70th Birthday

When you celebrate your 70th birthday, how will you measure the success of your life?

Who are the people you want to have affected and influenced?

Who do you want to be surrounded by?

What will you consider as accomplishments?

Now the real question.

Are your actions today helping you get to that point?

I like to think of 70-year-old Bryan as some far off person that is not in any way related to the current 23-year-old Bryan. The problem with that mindset is it is 100% false. It could not be further from the truth.

My actions today have a direct influence on my future self. The same is true for you.

Far too often we seek immediate gratification for our needs and desires without regard to our future status. We buy things today using tomorrows money. We eat fattening food today without regard to tomorrows health status.

Lets go back to the question. What do you want your life to look like on your 70th birthday?

Are your habits and actions today in line with that long-term goal?

Are you investing in the relationships that will matter the most to you?

If the answer is not what you would like, there is no better time to change it than the present.

Here is my honest answer of what I hope my life will look like at 70.

I will be surrounded by my wife, kids, and grandkids. My family will be faithful Christians who treat their name as a sense of pride.

My career will be an after thought. It is not what defines me.

My greatest joy will be knowing that we were able to help thousands of people who could not help themselves reach their dreams.

We will be financially stable.

That is the legacy I want to leave.

Every day I work towards that goal to make it a reality.

Without a clear goal of where you want to go, you will end up anywhere.


What legacy do you want to leave? Are your actions today in line with that goal?