Children in Adult Situations

When we were little, the world seemed small and simple. The only worries in our life were recess, ice cream, and what toy to play with. Then life changed and adulting happened. What we thought was simple becomes complex. Every decision seems to bring on a wave of stress and uncertainty.

Children make decisions, but within a safe environment. Parents give direction and slowly teach children how to make choices. When we become an adult, we are expected to make these decisions on our own. But let me honest with you, sometimes I feel unprepared to make decisions that I know will alter the course of my life.

Picking a flavor of ice cream to eat as a child does not have long ranging effects. Deciding which job path to pursue does. Both are decisions, but one has consequences that last. The stress from these situations can be paralyzing if you are not equipped to deal with it.

Making decisions is part of life. We will never outgrow it. But there is a bright spot. We can reduce the fear and stress that uncertainty brings. If we are wise, we will heed the advice of those smarter than we are. They have been there. They know what they wish they had done. Successful people seek mentors and listen to their wisdom.

Mentors and advisors offer years of experience and wisdom that give direction. They know what it is like from both sides of the table. What feels like a pivotal moment to you may be small in the bigger picture. A good mentor can help you gain perspective and act with confidence.  You have the ability to learn from their experiences and skip some of the mistakes they made along the way.

Regardless of your age, you can be mentored by someone else and also be a mentor to someone. You have life experiences that others can learn from. Please share your experiences with others so we can learn from you.

The older I get the more I believe we never really grow up. We only learn how to manage the new world around us. We adjust on the fly and gain knowledge from those that have gone on before us.

Our world is full of decisions. The next time you feel unprepared, find someone who has been there before and learn from them.