Core Problems

Problems are not as they seem.

On the surface, what looks like a problem is normally the symptom of a larger struggle going on internally. We try to fix what is noticeable. We take medicine for the symptoms, even though the reason for our sickness is unseen.

Unless we fix the core of the issue, the problem will continue to recur. Addressing the symptom does not fix the problem, it only prolongs the suffering.

Working on the symptom and not the core is like attempting to fix the walls of a house without making sure the foundation is secure. The core must be solid before anything else can be addressed. Attempting to fix the top layer of a problem without a solid foundation is pointless.

While this makes logical sense, we fail to put it into action. Constantly we run around putting band-aids on problems that need surgery. It is time to accept the momentary pain to create a brighter future. Address the core of the issue, not the symptoms.

What is the core?

Your core is your spiritual relationship with God. Spiritual relationships are not a separate section of your life. It is the core that everything else is built around. Without a solid spiritual relationship, other things play the part of "core of your life". The problem with this is they are not suited for that spot. A constant feeling of loss exists, and the only cure for it is the right core.

God cannot be replaced by money, more education, athletic abilities, or other relationships. But each of these items have a part to play when built around the right core. With the right attitude, money becomes a blessing to allow great things to happen. Education becomes a tool to help others and not gratify yourself. Athletic achievements allow for a platform to show true character and purpose. Tim Tebow anyone?

Without a solid foundation, the rest of your life is destined to collapse at some point in the future. It might be tomorrow. It might be 10 years from now. But without a core that is solid, the rest of your life is built upon a shell that is slowly in decay.

The core of your life must be in check before you can fix the other layers.


Is the core of your life in check? If not, what will you do about it?