Getting Married

Life changing events have a way of causing us to reflect on what we have done and why we are where we are. Nothing has caused me to examine my life quite like getting married. I don't know if anything will ever top it either. This Saturday, I have the honor of marrying Moriah Tindall. I could not ask for a better woman to spend the rest of my life with than her. She is the perfect partner that I need and want to go through life.

It is easy to reflect and see the areas where we wished we had acted differently, but far too often we neglect to see the things that we did right that got us where we are. This happens because they are rarely as obvious. It is a combination of small steps along the way that often lead to success. It is continual progress and focused attention that lead us.

Building a relationship takes time and effort. We can not see where it will lead, but we know the journey is part of the excitement. When it comes to marriage, we cannot see where our future journey will take us, but knowing that you are deeply committed to your spouse makes it easier to face the trials and enjoy the blessings together.

As one soon to be married man, what I have discovered is some things are our of our control. We cannot explain why they happen. Those are the events we classify as "God Moments". We can not explain how they happened or why they happened, all we know is that they happened.

I can honestly say that I would not have the pleasure to marry Moriah on Saturday had it not been for a series of those moments. God continually allowed our paths to cross in the strangest of ways. The girl who I met at a chance encounter after a church service became my best friend. On Saturday, she will become my wife.