Keep it Simple

Simple ideas change the world.

Simple products make life easier.

Simple rules are the easiest to convey.

All of these concepts have one thing in common. They are complexly simple.

Time, money, and resources were poured into the planning to make them as simple as possible. And it was 100% intentional!

The simplicity is not from a lack of thought, but rather the result from a production cycle to create the best product and reach the goal laid out during planning.

Have you noticed how Apple remains at the top of the tech industry year after year with only a few products?

Many other companies produce items that do the same type of job, yet Apple does something different. They have mastered the art of simplicity in tech products. Every item and software piece serves a specific purpose.

Each piece of the Mac, iPhone, iPad, or other device must service a specific purpose. Otherwise it is not included. Unneeded pieces are seen as clutter. Simplicity is treasured.

Einstein was one of the smartest men this planet has ever seen. He is attributed with creating his 5 Levels of Intelligence. Here is the list.

  1. Smart

  2. Intelligent

  3. Brilliant

  4. Genius

  5. Simple

At the pinnacle of of Einstein's 5 Levels of Intelligence was simplicity. Yes you read that right, simplicity. It outranked all the other traditionally higher valued terms to convey mental aptitude.

If great companies and some of the smartest people who ever lived value simplicity, I think it is easy to infer that they are on to something.

Why is simplicity so important?

Clutter takes away more productivity than anything else. It takes away your most import resource.


Simplicity allows you to be in control. It puts you in the driver's seat of your life. You control what goes in and out. In essence, you are streamlining your life.

When you organize your calendar, keep it simple.

When you are developing a marketing plan, keep it simple.

When you want to launch a new idea or company, keep it simple.

Often people associate simple things with an attempt to "dumb it down" rather than tapping into the vast power that is available when ideas, concepts, and projects are complexly simple.

Remove anything that is not necessary. This will free up time, resources, and allow you to be better in the areas of your life that matter the most.


What do you need to adjust to bring simplicity to your life?