Mile Markers

There are a few events each year that serve as natural mile markers. They help you measure where you used to be to where you are today. You put your normal routine on hold to celebrate or remember something of importance. 

New Years.




All of these are examples of mile markers in our lives.

Mile markers help you gauge whether you are on the right path. They help you pause for a brief moment and consider what should be different to make the upcoming year more in line with what you want your life to be.

When we pause, we stop the momentum our lives that far too often can spiral out of control. We allow our minds to consider where we need to be and what life we want to live. 

 Mile markers help us know where we are, remember where we came from, and plan where we are going.  They are part of your life for a reason. Use them to refine your life towards the story you want to tell.

photo credit: Tom Magliery