Prayer & Meditation

Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen.

Often I get this confused. I expect an immediate response from God as soon as I pray. But God doesn't work like that. You can't send a prayer His direction and expect a text message or DM on Twitter with His response. God has a different way of speaking to us.

The way we hear God speak to us is through meditation. Please don't let the word "meditation" scare you. I'm not suggesting you sit on a mat in the floor and make a humming noise for an hour. The type of meditation I am talking about is studying the scriptures and taking time to reflect on them.

Rather than powering through the chapters, take your time and soak in the message. This is a perfect quality over quantity example. Spend the time focusing on the scriptures and listening to other ways God will answer your prayers.

Be patient. God's timing is always best.

Bryan Cliftonlife