Somebody Said It Couldn't Be Done...

Because of my second grade teacher, I view challenges in life differently. She despised the word "can't" and refused to allow it to be used in her classroom. If someone said "can't", she would ask the entire class to repeat the poem, "It Couldn't Be Done" by Edgar Guest. To this day, when I hear the word "can't" my mind goes back to that classroom and the poem. A simple poem combined with a caring yet assertive teacher changed my outlook for the better.

Her style was different from what I had seen before, but it got the point across loud and clear. That was to not put limits on yourself, continue to stretch your boundaries and grow, and do things that you do not think you can accomplish.


Somebody said that it couldn't be done, But he with a chuckle replied That "maybe it couldn't," but he would be one Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried. So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin On his face. If he worried he hid it. He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn't be done, and he did it.

Somebody scoffed: "Oh, you'll never do that; At least no one ever has done it"; But he took off his coat and he took off his hat, And the first thing we knew he'd begun it. With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin, Without any doubting or quiddit, He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn't be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, There are thousands to prophesy failure; There are thousands to point out to you, one by one, The dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, Just take off your coat and go to it; Just start to sing as you tackle the thing That "cannot be done," and you'll do it.”

Bryan Cliftonattitude, choices, life