State of Things

The assumption is things will get worse, but what if they get better?

Negative thinking is easy. Our culture has shaped us to focus on what goes wrong. We see successful people as outliers. We tell ourselves, "That could never happen to me."

But what if it could?

What if you were closer than you thought?

What if things got better?

I believe you are closer to success than you think. The problem is most people give up just before they reach success.

It's easy to give up. That is common.

Persistence in the face of adversity is hard. It takes time. It means acting when others choose not to.

You are the one who is in control of your life. You determine how you will act and what you let influence your thoughts. The key to success is protecting your mind. Do not allow negative thinking to change how you see the world.

Things can get better. They will get better. But not until you change how you think.