The Notebook (Not a Movie, but a Real Notebook)

How much would you pay for a notebook of your great-grandfathers thoughts?

$100? $2,000? First born?

Probably not that extreme, but you never know. Auction prices can be exorbitant.

It contains thoughts, ideas, personal notes, sketches, and more. It is a glimpse into the lives of your ancestors. How much is that worth to you?

Chances are you never knew them personally.

What about someone you knew? Grandmother? Father? Mother?

How much would a notebook of their lives from 50 years ago be worth to you? It offers a glimpse into their lives before you were a baby in their arms. Can you see personality traits that span decades?

If these notebooks existed, I would do whatever I could to get them. They would be priceless. Insights to family members I never knew. Handwritten notes of a great-grandfather I never knew, but through stories told by my dad, I feel like we spent years together.

Priceless is the only word that sums it up.

I doubt a notebook like I described exists for you, but what if it did for your grandkids? Have you thought about writing something for them? How much would it mean to them?

Write down the stories of your life so they can read them to you when your memory does not allow you to remember. Take photos with the people you care about most. They will serve as the visual timeline of your life.

Each day is a new opportunity to add a page to your story.