Wasted Moments

Do you ever find yourself reflecting over the course of a day wondering where it went? You had the same amount of time as you do every other day, but for some reason this one feels like either you accomplished nothing or did so much that you are amazed that it all fit into on day.

Part of the reason we get that feeling is because we were so busy to really take in all that happened, but another is that we probably wasted a good majority of the day doing meaningless things like surfing through an album on Facebook from a distant friend’s cousin who we don’t even know, but through a series of clicks, we suddenly find ourselves learning all about their latest camping trip. It’s ok. We have all been there; some just refuse to admit to it.

More often than not we spend all day procrastinating one or two tasks that we really need to do yet somehow find a way to put them off indefinitely. How does that continue to happen over and over again?

We live in a world and culture where procrastination is celebrated. We joke about it so much that it seems odd if you don't procrastinate everything in life. This could be a project, chore, or reaching out to a long-lost friend. Doing something before it is due leads to remarks of being an overachiever or goody-goody. Instead, we would rather wait till the last-minute to get things done, or until it is too late.

Our rational is someone else will step up to the plate. Let them take care of it. They are more equipped to complete that task. This might be true, but what if that person doesn't meet the call either. The task never gets done because we intentionally choose not to do anything.

Albert Camus said, "Life is a sum of all your choices." How do you want your life to be remembered and summed up by those who live on after you are gone?

The majority of the way we spend our days doing things which we won’t remember the next day, let alone a month or year from now. Instead of doing things that will be forgotten in the near future, take this suggestion. Invest some of your time into the life of someone else. Make a lasting difference for someone each and every day. Abraham Lincoln had the right idea when he said, "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."