Win-Win or Win Once

If I win, then you must lose. Unknowingly this idea is instilled within each of us from our earliest years in youth sports, all the way through professional working environments. I want to propose an alternative of how we treat others. Unless the situation is win-win, it will lead to a broken relationship and future opportunities of working together will disappear.

Think back to a time when you felt taken advantage of or were forced to pay a higher price than what was fair. Do you have any desire to buy from that person or business again? Of course you don’t. While this may seem obvious if you were the buyer, lets look at it from the selling perspective.

When we sell or provide items, services, or connections to others, we must maintain the mindset of the transaction being mutually beneficial for all sides. I may interact with you once as a test, but if the experience was degrading, harmful, or simply uncomfortable, the chances for repeat business is greatly decreased.

Instead of pushing for every last cent from your customers that may lead to short term gains, look at the increased value of a continuing relationship that is not breached by short term thinking.

If both sides do not win, then you will not have the opportunity to reach another agreement later. It is either a win-win for all parties involved, or it will be a one time thing.

When you win, help others win as well. We are all in this together.