It's a Long Story...

Long stories are the best ones. They show persistence and how things outside your control fell into place. They show an end result worth waiting for. They show how a string of seemingly unconnected events over the course of time came together to form a beautiful, or sometimes terrible, conclusion.

Long stories aren't fashionable. We want the short story. We want the cliff notes.

We spend most our lives working for the short ones. We want the shortcut. We want the "Get Rich Quick" scheme. We want the easy path with clear steps on how to reach our goal. We want the reward without the work.

The problem is, those stories do not help us write the story of our life with an ending we are proud of.

There is something to be said about persistence. The ability to wake up each day and chip away at a larger goal does something to you. It helps you create a long range vision. It forces you to map out your future rather than waiting for life to give you a lucky break. It makes you realize you are the author of your life and the actions you take today have a direct impact on what you can do tomorrow, next week, and ten years from now.

We tend to overestimate what we can do in a short period, and underestimate what we can do over a long period.

Let's focus on creating long stories. 

What is one goal that would take a significant amount of time to complete? What steps can you take today to make it a reality?