Relationship Farming

Dishonesty erodes relationships.

Without trust, a relationship lacks a solid foundation.

If trust is the basis for solid relationships and dishonest actions undermine trust, then we must be intentional in how we interact with those closest to us.

If we want to harvest relationships full of trust and respect, we must be intentional and plant seeds of trust and respect. You will not harvest what you do not plant.

One moment of dishonesty can erode months of trust, sometimes never to be repaired. Rebuilding trust is hard to do. When someone is dishonest with you, you must be intentional about rebuilding the trust that was lost.

Think back to the last time someone was dishonest with you. How did that make you feel? Did you ever feel like you could trust them again?

Remember, bad things grow in the dark depths of dishonesty, and a life that repeatedly sows dishonesty will fail eventually. 

Dishonesty undermines any foundation you labor over to build.

If you want good relationships, you must plant the right seeds. What seeds are you planting in your relationships?