Reality of Optimism

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
— Ed Foreman

What reason, other than the fact that you want this to work, do you have for believing that tomorrow is going to be different from today?

Tomorrow will likely be similar to today unless one of two things happen. The first is if you decide you want it to be different. The second is the environment around you no longer allows for the normal existence to occur. An example would be if you company goes out of business today, tomorrow will look a lot different than today.

The gut reaction to this question is hope. We are hopeful that tomorrow will be better, but hope must be rooted in something. A dream without a sense of reality is not a dream, it is a fantasy. A life, a business, or a relationship cannot be built on fantasy. There must be a reason to continue to push forward despite the current situation.

If we know that hope is not a strategy, we must ask ourselves what then is our strategy. Why do we think tomorrow will be better? What evidence do we have to expect something new will emerge?

What is it for you? Why do you have hope? What is your strategy? Why do you feel optimistic things will work out?

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