Shelf Full of Books

If your mind does not see your goal as a possibility, you will not achieve it. It is impossible to hit a goal that you do not believe exists or could exist.

But when you change your outlook and open up a new realm of possibilities, watch out. 

The first step to action is believing what you are trying to achieve is possible. If you didn't think it could happen, why would you start in the first place?

This is easier with short range goals. I can see the finish line when I start the race.

Long range goals are difficult. They require lots of work.

It is common to work on long range goals without seeing the finish line. You have a general idea where it is, but you can't see the bright lights and crowd standing around cheering you on. Most of the journey takes place in an obscure place away from audiences. It is just you and the task. 

For some people that is a literal race, while for others it is a business project. We've all heard the adage that after 20 years of hard work, a company becomes an overnight success story.

Most of the things in life worth having are not quick fixes. They require lots of work.

One of my dreams is to be a published author with multiple New York Time's best sellers. If I want that goal, then I must envision a shelf full of books I have written. Chances are, not every book will be a best seller. Realistically, it will take quite a few to get there. Most authors never do. If the task seems so daunting, then why would I start towards it? The reason is I honestly believe it will happen.

I can't have multiple best sellers until I've written at least one. That is where it starts. This blog is my playground to help me develop my writing style and craft a message using the written word. The same is true for every author.

If you goal is to speak in front of 10,000 people, what are you doing today to prepare you for that moment? Are you speaking at all?

Can I picture a shelf full of books I've written? You bet. I've got that image planted firming in my mind.

I want this post to be the intro to my 3rd best selling book. One could be a fluke. Two might be a lucky break. Three starts a trend.