Framing Circumstances

Circumstances do not shape life. They merely act as the frame through which we view life.

Actions are framed by the circumstances surrounding it. Each action and circumstance combination is unique. No two are the same. The same actions in a different setting will create a different result.

A pregnancy can be a blessing or a burden depending upon the situation. A new baby for a married couple trying to start a family is a blessing. A baby to an unwed teenage mom could be a burden, even though the baby is a blessing of new life. The circumstances are different, but the action is the same.

If circumstances are the frame, our attitude is the matting. A good attitude can make even the worst of situations better. There are few things we have complete control over, but our attitude is one of them.

When something bad happens, we visualize worst-case scenarios as the only possible outcome. Lets view this from a different angle. What if we thought about the good that could come out of a bad situation? It is there, but you must look for it.

Look for the good in all circumstances.