Worry is Negative Meditation

If you know how to worry, you know how to meditate.

Worry is negative meditation.

Your thoughts direct your actions. If your thoughts focus on what can go wrong or things out of your control, you are losing one of your most valuable resources to make a difference. Your ability to think and act with intention is essential to a life of satisfaction.

Meditation is a way to train your brain to follow a different pattern. For a long time, I thought only weird people or more spiritually connected people could (or choose to) meditate. I thought it was a skill that some people had, and I simply wasn't one of them.

Meditation is meant to be relaxing. Worry is allowing your mind to dwell on difficulties and troubles. Both are products of your mind focusing on something. One is productive and one is destructive.

Meditation is the art of thinking deeply and intensely on a particular thing.

If you are like me, you worry more than you want and have a hard time stopping the worry process once it begins. Things stay in my mind, regardless of how much I want them to go away. I worry about things I can't control.

Meditation is choosing to focus your mental energy on something. Worry is hijacking your ability to focus on anything except the thing you are worried about.

If you know how to worry, you know how to meditate. The actions are the same. One is intentional and the other is involuntary.

It takes practice, but you have the ability to change what you think about.