February 2015 Bookshelf

Here are the books I read in February and my personal viewpoints on who would benefit from reading them. To see previous lists, click here.

By Patrick Hehir, Tony Petrella

Business Worth Doing - This is a great little book by Tony Petrella about a different way to look at doing business. Have you thought about the assumptions we make about conducting business? What if there was a different way? This book does a great job in presenting the basic foundation for a different way of doing business.

By Joshua Cooper Ramo

The Age of the Unthinkable - Our world is changing rapidly. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. How are we suppose to make decisions in the ever changing environment. Cooper Ramo does an excellent job in addressing these questions. He looks at Hezbollah and other organizations that function astoundingly well even though on paper they should not be succeeding the way they are.

By Steven Johnson

How We Got to Now – This book is fascinating. Have you ever thought how we harnessed the power of cold to transform our lives? What about light, time, or other things we take for granted today? Johnson traces back our history to these basic building blocks that our lives depend on today. It explores how all of the connections and inventions over time have led to the world we know today. I would recommend to people that enjoy history and innovation.

By Anne Lamott

Bird by Bird – If you want to be a writer, this is a must read. The first half of the book was great as it is focused on the process of writing in general. The later half of the book focused more on character development in writing fiction. If you want to write, you have to read this book.

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