Average Existence

In college, I prided myself on my lack of study habits. I could pass a test without cracking a book.

Confession time. I hope my mom or former professors do not read this.

I never read a chapter in a college textbook. Ever. I glanced over bits and pieces, but I never made it all the way through a chapter. I would not suggest this method for anyone in the medical field. For the sake of everyone, please read the book!

Somehow I still graduated cum laude. Not sure how it happened, but it did.

I did just enough to get by. I could have studied and made an A+ and not a B, but I did not want to put in the extra effort. Late night games of Halo or Madden with guys in my dorm took precedence over studying.

I survived college.

Do not get me wrong, I loved my time at Harding. But all I did was survive when I could have thrived academically.

I graduated. I got the piece of paper to hang on the wall. Side note, how much do you think that literal piece of paper actually cost? Sallie Mae seems to think it is much more expensive than I remember.

In my eyes, I was average.

Average is just as close to failing as it is to succeeding.

All I did was survive. I did just enough to make it. I wasted an opportunity to thrive.

I took the average route. I did the work that I needed to, but rarely did I do anything extra.

I passed the exams so I could move on to the next class. Had I spent a few hours in the library, I could have aced the tests and remembered the information.

I feel like all I did was cram for tests then mentally throw it up to clear space for the next exam. Rarely did I learn and remember.

Looking back on it now, I wasted a lot of time, effort, and potential.

Life, like college, is easy to coast through. It is easy to go through life and simply survive.

We do just enough to make the cut. Just enough work to not get fired. Just enough to get by.

That is the definition of being average.

Being average means you are just as likely to get promoted as you are to get fired.

Do you like those odds? I don't.

If most people are average, why not be exceptional and stand out from the crowd?


Are you thriving or simply surviving in your job, personal life, and relationships?

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