Planning to Finish

I am a great planner.

I can plan events, share vision for an organization, and sketch out goals with the best of them. This is a task that I have refined over the years. It is one of my strengths.

But there is a problem. Finishing.

Starting something does not count for much if you fail to see it through to completion. I can begin lots of initiatives or campaigns, but if I fail to see them through to the end, what was the purpose?

This has to stop.

I no longer want to think of myself as a great planner, but as a great finisher. Someone who can close the deal. Someone who can lead the project from start to finish.

Until I make this change happen in my life, it won't. I must have a plan to change this bad habit of failing to finish.

What I have discovered is that without  plan, you will postpone actions indefinitely.

My plans had the beginning clearly defined, but lacked a finish line.

Actions that change your productivity habits do not happen by accident. They are the result of conscious choices.


What have you failed to finish in your life? How can you change that today?