Best Part of Your Story

"I want it now!"

This attitude has crept into my life lately.

I like to think of myself as a patient person. But recently that has not been the case. I am in a place because of outside forces that I cannot control. I want to change them. Just give me what I want!

Today, I ran across a blog post that helped me shift my attitude back into check.

Jon Acuff is a tremendous writer that I would highly recommend. His post today was entitled "What I Say Every Time My Dream Hits a Bump in the Road." Check it out here.

I'm sure he meant for it to be read with a focus more on dreams and perseverance in the face of obstacles. I took it a completely different way.

In the face of circumstances outside of your control, what you can control is your attitude and outlook. I needed that reminder.

I cannot control other people or the situation I find myself in, but I can control my attitude and how I react. This is simply a hurdle to be overcome. A few years from now, I will look back on it and either laugh or smile. Not sure which will happen first.

Also, people like to hear stories of overcoming adversity or difficult circumstances. Perseverance makes for a better story. This is simply one more step along that journey.

As Jon said, "You're writing the best part of your story right now."