Changing From What

When you think of words that trigger emotions within people, none is stronger than "change". The use of the word is mandatory in almost all political speeches and campaigns as we have recently seen in the midterm elections. It has become an ideology of its own that has created movements and altered the landscape of the world.

Change can be good and can be bad. It depends upon multiple factors. In my opinion, the strongest factors are who proposed the change, will it cause a large shift from past actions, and what will the final outcome look like if everything goes as planned.

With these three main factors clearly thought out, change can be implemented and improve the greater good for the person, group, or company. However, without a clear direction of where it is headed, change often occurs just for the sake of change, but is it worth it? What does it really accomplish?

Many people ask for change when things are not going like they want, but few people know what they want to change to. They simply know what they want to change from. Unless you clearly define where you want the change to take you, you will end up on the same path of continual alterations from haphazardly made decisions.

Some would argue that you do not need to be able to see the amount of change, rather just the presence of the mindset is enough to spark creative juices and energize a movement. I would agree that it can create energy, but the energy is not sustainable unless you have a goal in sight that is clearly defined.

Next time you want to see change happen, know what you want the outcome to be. Change just for the sake of change will keep you driving around in circles without a clear destination in mind indefinitely.