Living Your Passion

Many people talk about what their passion is in life, but far to often I fail to see them living it out. They might be passionate about traveling, yet they spend 51 weeks a year working a desk job with required office hours that do not let them enjoy what they love. What is keeping that person from doing what they are truly passionate about?

Often the people I meet and talk with are in a permanent postponement phase with their passions and dreams. It is the "one day I will" or "when I get the chance I will" type of phrases with regards to what they really want to do. You can finish either of those statements with your own words. Yet others say, "When I get this degree, then I will start helping the people I have a burning passion to help."

Why do we constantly put off the things we want to do? Is it the fear of risk? What about failure of not being able to do it?

I know that I am not very old, but I have met many rich people who are not happy because they failed to do what they wanted to in life. On the other hand, I have met people who scrape by on minimal salaries and could not be happier with what they do on a day-to-day basis. The more I think about it, the more I agree that money does not buy happiness.

Do you want to know what brings you happiness and fulfillment? Living your life doing the things you are passionate about. If you want to teach but are concerned about low wages, teach anyway. You will enjoy your work so much that the money isn't the driving factor. If you are only choosing to be a doctor or lawyer because of the salary yet you lack a passion to be one, don't do it. Yes you will have money, but at what cost?

You are never to old to change careers and never to far along in a major not to change it. If you need to make a change to be happier with how you are living your one shot at life, make it now.

The most self-proclaimed miserable people I have met in my life are the ones who spent years of their life pursing something that they lacked a sincere interest in, but some of the most joyful and happy people are those who have little money but a fulfilling life.

A life lived with your passions at the center will never be one of regret.