Normal is Boring

I love my job. I have the opportunity to interact with world-changing leaders to solve complex problems. While we are working together, I love picking their brain to see why they act the way they do.

In my years of working with this caliber of leader, I have noticed a common thread. They refuse to accept a normal life. Intentionally crafting a life full of meaning is part of the challenge that gets them out of bed in the morning. Each day is a new challenge with its own set of obstacles. With obstacles come triumph if perseverance is present.

These are interesting people to the core. The way they live their life is intriguing. Lives lived liked this are the subject of movies and books. They adopted a motto where being normal will not be accepted. They want to blaze a trail and live their one life they are given to the fullest.

When was the last time you met a truly interesting person who settled for average?

People that leave a legacy, change the world, and provoke ideas that progress civilization constantly challenge the way things are done. They refuse to accept the normal way of life simply because it is what they have always known.

Normal is boring. Don't be normal. Live a life full of energy and excitement.