Procrastinating Focus

We don't lack the desire to change. We lack the focus necessary to make the change happen. To change requires action, and action does not exist without focus.

The problem is focus is easily diverted. Jumping from one task to the next does not make you more effective. It makes you a serial quitter. Your focus is cut each time, thus reducing your ability to get the job completed efficiently.

Understanding the difference between a great opportunity that is deserving of your focus and a time-wasting habit can only be developed over time. Discernment is needed to make wise choices.

Not all opportunities are created equal. With every chance you take, there is a reward. Some are larger than others.

We spend hours and hours talking about the things we need to do...only to fail to do them because we do not have the time. Here is a novel idea, what if we quit talking about what we have to do and actually did it? Action must take the place of procrastination. Focus on the task at hand. Get it done. Then go on to the next great opportunity.