Spring Awakening

Last spring, world news was dominated by revolts and uprisings in the Arab world. The people were ready to make a change. They saw an opportunity and seized it. No longer would the suffer under the hands of oppressive dictators and military governments. They were ready for a new day.

That was then. This is now. What will happen this spring?

The word spring radiates a sense of action. It is a call to make something of yourself. To act upon your ideas and dreams.

Spring reveals the birth of a new day. Flowers are in bloom. Things are changing. Nature is acting and growing. Can the same be said of you?

Renewal and rejuvenation are the words that best encompass the season of spring. Hope is in the air.

Short terms goals are set and achieved. Spring workouts create beach bodies in preparation for the summer months ahead. Completion of homework assignments and essays allow for a relaxing summer break. With every new days come new opportunities that flood the landscape. The problem is not if you need to change or follow through with an existing commitment, but rather where to focus.

This is a season of personal growth. It is a time to produce fruit from months of hard work.

Spring is a call to action. We are all due for an awakening.

What do you need to do in your life to spring into action?