World's Best Door Opener

What if your life is not meant to be in the spotlight? What if the purpose for your life is to be a supporter or door opener for someone else? Maybe you are not the main attraction or the keynote speaker. What if your role is to set up the event for someone else to shine?

We like to assume our life is the main event. We are at the center of our world, and it can be difficult to view the world any other way.

But we know that not everyone can be the lead actor or actress. Someone has to be the understudy, while another person is meant to teach, train, and help guide the lead actor to be the best he can be.

Some people make better coaches than players. Some people are meant to advise companies rather than actively lead them.

Think about this for a minute. What if your life is not meant to be the grand finale but rather the opening act for something larger and more spectacular? Are you comfortable with that role?

When was the last time you read a book about Abraham Lincoln's mother or Thomas Edison's father? I doubt you have. But without their influence, these men and countless others never would have achieved the level of impact we now know them for.

Their role was an opening act. They paved the way for someone else to shine. They had a unique role to play and so do you.

What if your purpose isn't to act yourself but to raise a child who is responsible to fulfill that place in the world?

As we focus on writing our stories, be careful not to overlook the opportunity to co-write a chapter of someone else's story. Maybe your purpose is to be the best introduction writer there ever was. A novel or New York Times Bestseller isn't in your future, but maybe, just maybe you can help give someone the foundation they need to get there.

 We each have a specific role to play, but often it is not clear to us where we are in the larger story. We do not know if the child we are impacting today will grow up to be an entrepreneur that employs thousands. It may be our impact is many generations down the line. Either way, we have a role to play. Find yours and live it out with every ounce of your being.