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Point of View

My consulting practice point of view (POV) is shaped through a lens of increasing clarity. As clarity of purpose rises, the ability to make decisions becomes easier. As clarity of role increases, the ability of the organization to operate efficiently grows.

The pursuit of clarity is the process of self improvement with intention. When an organization seeks clarity, they are prioritizing and clearly communicating what is important. Clarity increases effectiveness and opportunity.

My purpose is to help individuals, teams, and organizations experience clarity.


611 - Foundations and Orientation to Organization Development

612 - Individual Development and Change in Organizations

613 - Foundations of Organization Theory and Consulting

614 - Small Systems Assessment and Change

615 - Foundations of Culture and Globalization

616 - OD Practitioner as Global Citizen

617 - Foundations of Large Systems

618 - International Organization Development and Large Scale Change

619 - Foundations of Collaboration

620 - Transorganization Systems and Strategies

Client Work

A medium-sized multi-level marketing firmCalifornia

  • Led senior executive team in implementing goal of “Employer of Choice” status.
  • Facilitated metrics, measurements and key initiatives required to achieve the goal.
  • Conducted employee interviews across all levels in order to align company and employee vision.

A manufacturing software engineering firm, France

  • Assist client in designing a large-scale organization conference to develop partnership collaboration between product engineering and the reseller network.

locally owned restaurant, Costa Rica

  • Assisted owners in clarifying expectations and defining success metrics
  • Facilitated an exercise with all employees to envision a new future

A regional financing firm, China

  • Facilitated conversations between multiple layers of organization
  • Assisted executive team in developing a comprehensive strategy