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Understand Yourself


Do Meaningful Work


Feel Satisfied

Live a life worth reading about.

At what point do we stop living each day to achieve our dreams and start changing our dreams to fit our daily routine?

Life is not about checking boxes, filling out forms, and living a life someone else thinks will make you happy.

There is a different way. I can help.

You have a choice to make.

Do you want to live someone else's dream or discover your own and build the bridge to make it a reality?

I help people discover the life they want, then craft the plan to make it real.

It's not easy. It requires work. It will be difficult, but it is worth every bit of it.

If you are ready and up to the challenge, let me show you how.



I help people turn ideas into reality.

I am a writer, speaker, and consultant.

I help people build a bridge from where they are now to where they want to be.

I am the Founder & CEO of Myriad Insight.

I am proud to call Oklahoma City home.


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Everyone starts somewhere, but you don't have to start alone.

Here are some recommended books that will help you clarify your life, do meaningful work, and reach fulfillment in your life.

By Simon Sinek

Start with Why - Simon Sinek does a fantastic job in this book in explaining the greater purpose of an organization or endeavor. He calls it the "why". This book is a must have for leaders trying to set a vision for their organization. If you want to make sure you are headed toward the right finish line, you must start with why.

By Jon Acuff

Quitter - If you don't like your life today, you can change it. This book outlines how to go from where you are today to where you want to be, without your dream becoming a nightmare in the process.

By Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, Karen Dillon

How Will You Measure Your Life? - Where is your finish line in life? What is enough to you? How do you define success? These are the question that Clayton Christensen addresses in this book. It revolutionized how I thought about business and my personal life.

By Chip Heath, Dan Heath

Made to Stick - This is the best book I have ever read on the topic of effective communication. The premise of the book is how do you make your message stick with your audience. Authors Chip & Dan Heath do a fantastic job explaining what the characteristics are that make great ideas resonate with people. 

By Greg McKeown

Essentialism - Part of gaining clarity is recognizing what needs to be discarded. This is one of the top 3 books I have ever read. It explains the importance of clarifying your purpose and provides tools to get you started on making the changes necessary in your life. I cannot recommend this book enough. Everyone should read it. 

By Todd Henry

The Accidental Creative - When your job is to turn ideas into reality on a daily basis, you will have off days. You will have days when the creative juices aren't flowing. The problem is you still have to produce. So how do you do it? This book does a fantastic job of addressing that question. I would highly recommend it to all creatives.

By Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit - We are creatures of habit. When you build good habits, you reap the rewards of great decisions made daily. Understanding how and why we act allows us to be more intentional about what we do. Charles Duhigg goes into great depth to explain the impact that habits play in our lives and how to change them when you want a different outcome.

By Dave Ramsey

The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey is well known. He has helped millions of people get out of debt. I think that getting out of debt is one of the single biggest factors to freeing up your creativity and opening your horizons. When you are no longer working to pay payments, you have a new sense of freedom to dream and create.

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